What are MKCAMP™ tents?

MKCAMP™ offers quality tents and camping gear designed specifically for your Tesla to take your camping mode to the next level. The tents are made of oxford, nylon, non-woven fabrics and high-quality fiber materials, which are perfect for professional outdoor camping equipment and meet the highest standards.

The spacious MKCAMP™ Oxford models offer enough space for up to 6 people, so you can camp with your whole family and store all your camping accessories. It doesn't matter whether it's raining, cold or shining - thanks to the airtight docking to the trunk and the active camping mode, the tents always remain at the right temperature and offer you a pleasant camping experience.

Enjoy the freedom of camping and rely on the quality and reliability of MKCAMP™ tents for unforgettable outdoor adventures with your Tesla or other electric car.


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  • About the MKCAMP™ brand

    MKCAMP is a company specializing in manufacturing outdoor camping equipment. They use materials like nylon, non-woven fabrics and fibers to create quality tents. Offering a wide range of professional camping equipment, MKCAMP aims to provide advanced user experience and protection solutions for people who pursue the outdoor experience and travel-loving lifestyle.

  • About our online shop

    Under the brand name EVCamping, we run an online store that offers exclusive outdoor camping equipment for e-cars, especially Tesla vehicles. Our vision is to make the experience of camping with a Tesla more exciting. We offer a wide range of high quality camping products designed specifically for e-cars to meet the needs of both Tesla drivers and outdoor enthusiasts. Together, we aim to push the boundaries of camping and create new opportunities for sustainable and exciting travel experiences.