Collection: Accesories

  • More privacy

    Expand your living space beyond sleeping in your trunk and enjoy a new level of comfort. By attaching an MKCAMP tent to your Tesla or SUV, you can create an additional area that offers you more privacy. Here you can change your clothes in peace, keep your personal belongings safe and just relax.

  • Optimally tempered

    One of the outstanding features of the MKCAMP tents is their excellent thermal insulation in connection with the activated camping mode. The tent material is specially chosen to keep heat inside the tent while fending off the cold. Even in extreme winter temperatures, you can use the warmth of your Tesla vehicle to keep the tent comfortable and cozy.

  • Like a camper

    MKCAMP tents offer a flexible, spacious and environmentally friendly camping option. They allow for comfortable camping without the need for a large vehicle. The tents are easy to pitch and offer ample space for sleeping, staying and storage. MKCAMP tents are a cost-effective alternative to RVs and an attractive choice for camping enthusiasts looking for flexibility and sustainability.